Cash for Keys

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Life happens.  Divorce, illness, job loss, or the untimely passing of a spouse are just some of the issues that can all make maintaining the payments on your home impossible.  Many people believe deed in lieu of, foreclosure, or bankruptcy is the only answer: It’s not.  The American Servicing corporation “Cash for Keys” Program is designed to help homeowners who have found themselves behind on their payments and unable to catch up.  The “Cash for Keys” program will help free you of your burdensome and unsustainable mortgage, giving you cash to help you move into a new home.  Here’s how it works:

  • Call American Servicing and tell us a little about your circumstances.
  • We will review your situation and if we can help we will make you a CASH OFFER to fully payoff your mortgage AND give you cash to help you move to your new home
  • If you agree we will promptly send a representative to your home to meet with you, sign all necessary paperwork, and inspect your home. 
  • Once we have all of the necessary paperwork we will expedite your closing.

 We want to help you get back on track. American Servicing corporation provides peace of mind, assisting you with your mortgage obligations. Cash for Keys tailors a solution to fit your current situation. Give us an opportunity to hear your story. Please call us for more details.

Foreclosure Process and Timeline

Day 1 

You fail to make your mortgage payment by the due date.

Days 16 - 30 

Your mortgage servicer assesses late charges on your account and attempts to contact you to find out why you missed your payment.

Days 45 - 60

Your servicer sends you a "demand" or "breach" letter that tells you that you have violated the terms of your mortgage.

Day 90

At this time, your servicer may refer your account to its foreclosure department, which will begin foreclosure proceedings. 

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